“We don’t just have your back, we have you covered 360 degrees”

A* ISA EXECUTIVE PROTECTION: The reality of today is that people need comprehensive protection.

A* ISA services include uniformed, suited, and plain clothed personnel both armed and unarmed. We offer round the clock, 24/7 protection both domestic and international, motorcade operation, business escorts and other bodyguard services. Available are small and long range weapons personnel and martial arts experts.

Our multilingual A* ISA agents are also available as a support medium for diplomats and foreign visitors. We can also provide luxurious limousine, limo bus, and executive sedan service as well.

Andras International security Affiliates (A* ISA) provides all of the security measures necessary to protect YOU, YOUR FAMILY, HOME, YOUR BUSINESS & TRAVELLING ANYWHERE WORLDWIDE from known and unknow treats.

A* ISA specializes in Executive Protection. We are confident that our elite global team of A* ISA Professionals will meet and surpass your expectations in private security.

A* ISA is committed to meeting needs of each and every lient by providing the highest quality security services in the industry.

Due to extensive background in Local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement, Corrections, Military Special Operations and International Security, we are able to secure our clients the very best protection. A* ISA agents receive updated methods of operation when they become available and are subject to screenings by supervisors at any time.


Our PSD and EPS Team of tier-one operatives are the best in the industry. We have CQC close quarter combat experience in providing security safeguards against any insurgency or combat assaults to our convoys. We are a small firm yet fully operational in all areas of high risk deployments. Our dynamic protection details are composed of armored motorcade logistic to assure that you are fully protected and safe from harm's way. Thus, adventurous executives can feel assured and confident that they can successfully perform their business development in a secured environment.

  • Convoy Protection / Pro-Active LZ Defense;

  • Elite Commando Units / Tactical;

  • Concentric Circle Security / Alternate Route Logistics;

  • Choke Area / Anti-Ambush / Anti-IED;

  • Paramilitary Group / Extractions;

  • Sniper Counter-Surveillance / Hot Zone;

  • Advance Local Intelligence / Counter Measures;

  • Clandestine Operations / Covert HUMINT;

  • Surveillance / Reconnaissance / Intelligence / Investigation.

We look forward to having you as special and valued business partner.